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TwiStorm is a twitter client that specializes in tracing the keywords/hashtags.
If you register interesting keywords/hashtags, you can get relating tweets in real time.
For instance, to know information that relates to apple, the hushtags such as
# apple, # iphone, # ipad, # ios, and # mac can be specified.


  • You can register multiple keywords at once.
  • You can get tweets in real time by using streaming API.
  • When keywords other than ASCII are used, the retrieval is repeated at constant intervals.
  • You can view the “Trends”
  • Tweets can be displayed by switching “Split Mode” and “Join Mode”.
  • Non-display user can be specified.
  • “New Tweet”, “Favorites”, “Retweet”, “Reply”, and “Direct Message” are supported.
  • The hustag that relates to the message can be easily added at the post.
  • The normal timeline can be displayed(“Home”, “Mentions”, “Direct Messages”, “Favorites”).

Demo Movie


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Channel view(split mode)

Channel view(join mode)